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Who is chilli from tlc dating 2016

He indicated his reserved attitude was because he needed a little time to figure other things out. Chilli and Nick were originally spotted at the VH1’s 2016 Hip Hop Honors allegedly engaging an an intimate make out session. I need to be repaired.” The Nickelodeon mogul, who filed for divorce from his wife of six years, Mariah Carey, in Dec. Although he’s tried to keep a strong front, it’s clear by the countless references in his music that he’s holding a bit of a grudge. Dapper “America’s Got Talent” host Nick Cannon got a little tender loving care this weekend from Rozonda (Chilli) Thomas of the pop band TLC, according to sources upstate.The crowd at WDKX’s Summerfest Concert in Rochester got a second show on Saturday night as they watched Cannon get cozy with Thomas, whose band was headlining the show."Nick wants to take his relationship with Chili to the next level so that’s why he’s finally ready to sign the divorce papers.The funny thing is that Mariah knows and likes Chili, she thinks she and Nick are good together." RELATED: Nick Cannon Gets Candid About Mariah Carey in Freestyle Called "Divorce Papers" Just in time to make your 4th of July #Ncredible! A photo posted by Nick Cannon (@nickcannon) on The insider adds, “Nick is a busy guy, but he’s been playing the field like nobody’s business since his split from Mariah.

He used to drive me crazy (in fact, my ex-husband and I had dubbed the show “Shut Up, Nick Cannon” for his first few seasons as host), but he does interact well with the contestants and occasionally provides some fun backstage commentary.

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host was recently seen getting cozy with none other than Chilli from TLC.

There are reports that Nick and Chilli have been romantically linked for a while now but just kept their romance under wraps.

Nice try, Nick, but you’re not going to get away from this that easy! Maybe Chilli is just the woman he needs to repair his broken heart!


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